Bradenton and St Pete’s Beach


John's Pass St Petes-247

John's Pass St Petes-26John's Pass St Petes-27John's Pass St Petes-33

This was in the window of an empty store??? I can’t figure it out.

John's Pass St Petes-30

John's Pass St Petes-32John's Pass St Petes-34

Run, Forrest, Run!

John's Pass St Petes-37

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This is the bridge between Bradenton and St. Pete’s Beach. For some crazy reason I love this bridge.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Bradenton St Petes-1

Even the pelicans love the bridge.

Bradenton St Petes-58Bradenton St Petes-57Bradenton St Petes-50Bradenton St Petes-54

Bradenton St Petes-44

Bradenton St Petes-73

Bradenton St Petes-84

Salt Marsh, St. Pete’s

Salt Marsh St Petes 3

Salt Marsh St Petes 4

Salt Marsh St Petes 9

Salt Marsh St Petes 10

Salt Marsh St Petes 11

Fort Desoto beach, Florida

Fort Desotto 1

Fort Desotto 2

Fort Desotto 3


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